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· "The graphics are fantastic!" - 
· "Best Educational App for Kids from China" - Baobao Tongshu 


The Product 
“Winter Forest” brings kids’ electronic books to a new level. With the interactive factors and educational mini-games integrated in the book, "Winter Forest" will not only bring amusement to children, but also stimulate their imagination and encourage creativity and curiosity. Its beautiful original painting and professional detailed designs, integrated multiple-story lines and background music, will certainly give the kids a marvelous, magical journey. 


The Story 
Based on the original novel by Renee Welch, “Winter Forest” features a twelve-year-old girl named Milley going on a magical adventure in the “Winter Forest”. Milley's adventure starts off from the small woods attached her backyard. She goes out to play but ignores her mother’s warning and enters a cursed area called "Winter Forest". Carrousmile Inc. is releasing the first chapter during Christmas this year. It will certainly bring hours of fun to your kids. 



The Features 
- Original serial story 
- Educational mini-games and multiple-story lines 
- Beautiful original painting and professional detailed designs 
- Hundreds of integrated interactive factors will certainly bring hours of fun to your kids 
- Carefully adjusted background music

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